Welcome to Agserv’s Pestech 2020

Say hello to the Agserv Branch Managers! 2020 has been a challenging time for the more social amongst us, but we didn’t want to leave our amazing clients out of the loop when it came to Pestech. Throughout August and beyond, we’ll be bringing you specials, content and check ins with some of our best suppliers. There will be some familiar faces smiling back at you, so watch out for each fortnights Sponsor highlights and we’ll see you in 2021.


Meet Michael Harband and the team from the Sydney branch of Agserv, as he wraps up the year that has been so far! It’s not all doom and gloom out there in our industry as pests never rest. It’s been a little easier to book in work with the scarcity of people around most public and private buildings, and our new products have been popular. If you’d like to chat to the team in Sydney, you can reach them on 02 9647 2111.


Just one year after Richard hosted Perth’s first Pestech event, it’s gone digital! Have a tour of the Perth warehouse and office – they’re open for the early birds amongst you so if you need anything early, give them a call or visit the warehouse and chat to Richard or Pat. They are looking forward to an in-person event in 2021 so stay in touch. You can contact the team on 08 6556 2599.


Aaron Wadsworth from the Brisbane office is happy to welcome you to the warehouse and office (Or ‘The Pesties Playground’). Watch how he unpacks some of the newest products from our sponsors and have a look around the warehouse. Contact Aaron and team on 07 3255 5572.


What’s in store for Mark Farrar and the team in Newcastle for the next 12 months? The sky’s the limit. Join Mark on a walkthrough of the warehouse in Newcastle, see the changes in product stock and storage. The new disinfectant in stock that is covid-19 deep clean approved is flying off the shelf. Chat to Mark and team on  02 4954 7700.


Say hello to Tom and Michael from the Adelaide branch. Join Tom on a walk through of his well stocked warehouse – the team is ready for your orders, covid notwithstanding! For more info or to discuss your needs, give them a call on 08 8260 6644.

Some of our products


Even before the advent of COVID-19, there were always products available for the disinfecting of commercial, industrial and other premises. Previous experiences with infectious outbreaks such as SARS and MERS laid the groundwork for globally focused companies to improve disinfection technology. Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a proliferation of products targeted at preventing the transmission of the virus.



We’re all about Pest Control. With a history spanning well over 100 years, we’ve been there and seen that. For challenging pests in all conditions, we have selected and stocked the best products from the best suppliers in Australia. 


Supplying Australia

Agserv provides high quality equipment and chemical supplies to Australian pest control operators.

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